21 January

  1. Brussels, Maison Autrique:  Concert of the series “Air du Temps”, with Marie-Noëlle Bette, Piano and Claire Lechien, Violin.

23-26 January

  1. Copenhagen (DK): Royal Danish Academy of Music, Symposium of the Research Project on Organ-Related Keyboard Instruments – Performance and Pedagogy.

  2. Lecture-performance: Playing technique of French Harmonium Music based upon period sources.

  3. Recital: French Salon Music at the Debain harmonium 1860.

14 February

  1. Royaumont (F): Seminar on “La Vocalité dans la Musique de Clavier au 19ème Siècle”.

2-4 March

  1. Nancy (F) : Preparatory Workshop on Liszt at the Dalstein-Haerpfer organ of 1881.

18 March

  1. Brussels, Maison Autrique: Concert of the series “Air du Temps”, with Marie-Noëlle Bette, Piano and Tine Van Parys, cello.

27-29 March

  1. San Sebastian (ES) Musikene, School of Music, Workshops

6-8 April

  1. Paris, Studytrip with Organ Students of Antwerp conservatoire to major instruments.

21-24 April

  1. Bergen op Zoom, Sint Gertrudis, Recording of “Abbé Liszt”, with Françoise Masset, Psallentes & Hendrik Vanden Abeele, Guido Deneve

20 May

  1. Brussels, Maison Autrique: Closing Concert of Series “Air du Temps”, with Françoise Masset, soprano and Marie-Noëlle Bette, Piano.

31 May

  1. Torre de Juan Abad (ES) Organ Concert with Annelies Focquaert, organ and recorder.

6-7 June

  1. Haringe, Recording supervisor of Peter Strauven’s “Flemish Keyboard Music of the 18th Century”

1-2 July

  1. Recording supervisor of “Organ Miniatures” by 64 Feet, Iris Eysermans and Marie-Noëlle Bette, production Champ d’Action.

7-9 July

  1. Vienna (Aus), Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde, workshop leader on reconstructing the “Piano-Liszt”, how to reconstruct the pedal division.

18-19 July

  1. Royaumont (F) : Seminar on “La Vocalité dans la Musique de Clavier au 19ème Siècle”.

27-28 July

  1. Nancy (F) Saint-Sébastien, Dalstein-Haerpfer 1881, Recording of Liszt Organ Works

23 – 24 August

  1. Bennigsen (D): Recital and Master class

28 August

  1. Antwerpen, Cathedral, Laus Polyfoniae, Monteverdi Missa sine Nomine, with Psallentes & Hendrik Vanden Abeele.

20 September

  1. Sint-Truiden, Festival Canto Aperto, Missa de nostra Dona, with Josep Cabré and Capella Musicale

22 September

  1. Dordrecht (NL) Bach Festival: Master Class on performance of organ music by Johann Sebastian Bach and his family

23 October

  1. Funchal, Madeira, Colegio, Organ Concert: Belgian and French music from 1700 - 2014

26 October

  1. Funchal, Madeira, Santa Clara, Italian Music from the 16th century and French Harmonium Music of the 19th Century, with Maria Fereira, soprano.

9 November

  1. Zürich (CH), Sankt Anton, Organ Recital on the Kuhn organ 1914. Widor, Jongen, Elgar.

13-15 November

  1. Bergen op Zoom: Symposium “Liszt meets Ibach”, Master Classes, with Ad Van Sleuwen and Fred Oldenburg. Antwerp and Tilburg (NL) Conservatoire. Concert with Psallentes & Hendrik Vanden Abeele, preview of the CD “Abbé Liszt”

10 December

  1. Sint-Niklaas, City Music Academy: workshop on interpretation of XIXth Century Music, recital and lecture.

26-29 December

  1. Dornum: preparation workshop on Organ Studytrip 2015.